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Client Case Study


Branding, Web Design, Website Development, SEO, WIX Training


The Client

Etika is a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Consultancy offering 1:1 consulting, workshops and training courses to support human rights managers following the guidelines and requirements in Germany. Implementing training and building awareness and skills with employees and suppliers. ETIKA was created in 2020/2021 out of the desire to break the often abstract and complex topics down for companies. They wanted to offer more practical, hands-on and impactful support for SMEs.

With a deep passion and desire to empower CSR-professionals and buying teams to tackle human rights and labor standards with competence and more ease, Etika is working towards becoming the go-to-platform for SMEs when it comes to responsibility within the supply chain.


What They Needed

When Federica of Etika first came to me, she was looking for an entirely new brand and website for her newest vision for her CSR company. Originally set up with two co-founders, Federica’s original partner left the venture and now she was wanting to redesign the company’s visual identity with her new direction as sole CEO.

The German Due Diligence Supply Chain Act that came into force in January 2023 is an important development. The EU is also drafting an even stricter law. So every company sooner or later in Europe will need to establish some policies and processes to protect human rights in their sites and supply chains, even the smaller ones.

She wanted a website that was easy to use, would cater to industry professionals’ and SME’s needs, and would be visually appealing and reflective of the industry. She also wanted a new logo to communicate the company’s message and connect with her target audience.

The platform needed to have a learning section, a resource section and a list of expert with a tight profile that can be contacted. This means she needed to have the ability to sell her self-guided training courses online, while also being able to collect email addresses and provide valuable resources to her target audience.

Wanting to gain a deeper understanding of the intricacies of her business’ backend, Federica requested both D4Y and DWY services so that she could learn how to use the WIX website platform, write good copy for her website and optimize her pages and blog posts for SEO. She also needed support reconfiguring her services structure, pricing and marketing strategies.

Finally, she wanted a new visual identity system that would be used consistently across all marketing materials, easily recognizable and memorable, and work well across various mediums.


What We Did

The project’s main focus was to create a functional website that caters to supply chain managers and human resources directors of German SMEs. The website was designed to be intuitive and easy to use, with a focus on the needs of industry professionals.

Inspiration was taken from Etika’s purpose of creating synergy and sustainability within the corporate system and processes. The colour palette of a peachy-orange and darker blue feel both warm and professional, while the circles represent unity and cooperation, the thin, simple font lends to a confident and professional feel.

The website is organized in a simple and easy-to-use structure, with a brief overview of the main website’s purpose presented on the home page, and with supporting pages based on the information and resources Etika’s target audience would require.

A new brand and logo was created for the Etika website, with the understanding of the importance of having a solid brand and logo to communicate the company’s message effectively and connect with its target audience. The logo effectively communicated Erika’s unique place in the world of CSR Consulting, while also being modern and professional. The logo was designed to be easily recognizable and memorable and to work well across various mediums, including print, digital and social media.

A visual identity system was also created, that included guidelines for typography, color, and imagery that would be used consistently across all marketing materials and which would be used as a foundation of a future online and offline strategy.

Finally, while the website was optimized for mobile and SEO, coaching and training was also provided to Federica on how to manage and maintain her website, how to create a strategy for her blog posts and their design, as well as SEO best practices so that she can continue to grow and expand organically.

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