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Client Case Study

Flamingo Marketing Agency

Website Development, SEO, WIX Website, Web Design, WIX Training, Website Management


The Client

Flamingo Marketing began as a husband-and-wife duo named Chris and Kati, later expanding with an incredible team. Nestled in the sunny Okanagan, our inspiration blends seamlessly with a genuine love for their clients. They empathize with business owners, understanding the challenges of managing tasks and the struggle to gain momentum. That's where they step in, offering assistance to transform small business' goals into reality.

Flamingo Marketing Agency

What They Needed

Flamingo Marketing Agency brought me on to create their responsive website ahead of their official launch. They were all about that beachy, retro vibe, but they also needed a look that felt polished and professional. Since they hadn't officially launched, they had zero online presence.

The platform needed to provide a space for their potential clients to learn more about them and the services they offer. It also needs to be ready to expand to house their working portfolio and a blog.

They also needed help ensuring their site was mobile-friendly and optimized for search engines.

Flamingo Marketing Agency

What We Did

The project's main focus was creating a visually

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