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Client Case Study

Kip Jon Collaborations

SEO, Website Development, WIX Website, Web Design, WIX Training


The Client

Kip is a renowned executive coach, speaker, trainer, and applied behavioral scientist, celebrated for his pioneering work in Human-Centered Leadership.

Also known as the 'Perception Architect,' Kip delivers coaching sessions with unmatched energy, insightful wisdom, and actionable strategies. He cultivates a leadership style that emphasizes emotional intelligence, deep connections, and a collaborative approach.

Kip's mastery in leadership development, psychological safety, advanced team dynamics, and applied behavioral science attracts a distinguished list of clients, from Fortune 100 C-suite executives to special forces, professional athletes, and Hollywood's elite.

Kip Jon Collaborations

What They Needed

Kip needed a website that reflected his top-tier executive audience. His original site contained the necessary information but felt dated, with a design reminiscent of the 1990s. It lacked mobile optimization, impacting usability on various devices, and there was no SEO strategy to improve visibility on search engines.

Kip Jon Collaborations

What We Did

To address the issues Kip was facing with his current outdated website, we collaborated with Kip to create a website with a sophisticated and modern aesthetic, tailored to his high-profile clientele. The redesigned layout is responsive, ensuring smooth navigation on mobile devices. This improvement in design and functionality aligned with the expectations of his target audience, enhancing user experience.

Additionally, we helped Kip develop an effective SEO strategy. This approach involved keyword optimization, metadata refinement, and content structuring to boost his site's rank and authority. The combined efforts in design and SEO contributed to Kip's website gaining a competitive edge, ultimately enhancing his online presence and credibility within his industry.

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