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Client Case Study

Pearce Bespoke

Print Design, Social Media Marketing, Custom Mockup Design, Trade Show Banners, Pitch Decks, Infographics


The Client

Pearce Bespoke franchise offers affordable, entry-level custom tailored clothing for young professionals looking to standout and own a style as unique as they are. Each Pearce Bespoke piece comes with handmade button holes, hand picked stitching, functional sleeve buttons, and a perfect fit guarantee.

They're passionate about helping young professionals find confidence and professionalism by stepping into a beautiful bespoke and that creates an sense of a strong, powerful self.

Pearce Bespoke

What They Needed

As Pearce Bespoke continues to grow rapidly, they needed consistency within their branding as well as with their digital and print assets, not only for internal documents and training materials but also for external advertising and sales purposes.

Their biggest issue was the lack of consistency between the brand stakeholders and their franchisees with what marketing materials were being used, what messaging and brand guidelines to follow, and consistent custom mockups to professionally display their custom suits options, including their specific fabric options and patterns, liner customization and button options.

Their newsletter layout was also outdated and inconsistent so they needed a template to use that professionally supported their image. They're internal training documents also needed updating, refining and polishing so that they could properly move forward training new franchise owners. Finally, we needed to create a consistent event and trade show display template for franchisees to follow so that all Pearce Bespoke events were memorable, recognizable and united.

Pearce Bespoke

What We Did

We worked with Pearce Bespoke on an ongoing subscription basis providing both digital and print assets for both internal and external use.

We created social media posts, print marketing materials (fliers, posters and gift cards) to provide prospects and vendors with corporate takeaways. We defined and designed their trade show booth assets to help promote their speakeasy image, feel and custom clothier experience across all Pearce Bespoke events, regardless of who's hosting or what location they are being held in.

To showcase and market using their unique and bespoke suit creations, we created three different custom mockups that can be customized based on fabric type, pattern and color, custom liner elements and button options.

To help them create cohesion among their franchise owners, we also created Canva templates for common social media posts and announcements, print-ready customizable business card templates and print-to-order trade show event booth and print assets that properly reflect the brand image.

A car wrap design template was also created for certain franchise owners who wanted to amplify their marketing efforts and reflect the Pearce Bespoke brand properly. Finally, we've also redesigned their internal training documents and manuals for onboarding new franchise owners and clothiers.

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