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Client Case Study

Rachele Gatti

Branding, Web Design


The Client

Rachele is an Italian Singer and Actress who made her debut in 2006 in Milan, Italy. She has collaborated with various theater companies, such as the Artimanti company and the IncantAttori company in which she is a permanent actress. Since 2010, she has collaborated with various agencies in Milan in organizing improvised shows and interaction with the public.

Rachele Gatti

What They Needed

Senior Web Developer and Founder of Tutta Vita, Giulio Palmadori commissioned me to create a simple yet professional logo and personal brand identity for his client Rachele Gatti. Giulio also commissioned me to design a portfolio website to showcase Rachele’s talents as well as act as a CV for her to share with directors and talent acquisition teams. The website needed to showcase a gallery of images of her, from headshots to candid images of her performing, while also housing audition videos showcasing her musical talents through her YouTube channel.

Rachele Gatti

What We Did

Rachele wanted a logo that was professional, simple and unique, using her favourite colour combination of wine-red and black, while incorporating her name as her personal brand. The final logo design created is clean, simple, elegant and representative of Rachele and her talent.

The website design is minimalistic and aimed at showcasing her professional images and audition videos, while highlighting her talents and providing her a platform to post her CV for talent agencies and directors to view.

Website development was primarily handled by Giulio Palmadori, however I was requested to help set up the foundations for the site on WordPress.

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