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Client Case Study

Sacred Bee

Branding, Logo Design, Packaging Design, Print Design


The Client

Sacred Bee is an up and coming yoga, wellness and herbalist business that strives to support holistic health, healing and general wellbeing. As a business that is just starting out, founder Steph is an experienced and talented yoga educator who currently offers yoga and therapeutic yoga classes and private sessions in Duncan, BC, Canada. She is a talented mind-body educator as well who is currently in her final months of her herbalist certification.

Sacred Bee exists to help empower their clients to better, more sustainable and holistic health and wellbeing through energy work, yoga, meditation and herbal plant medicines.

Sacred Bee

What They Needed

As a new business launching, Steph needed a complete logo and brand package to help her establish herself as the professional wellbeing practitioner that she is. After years teaching yoga and meditation and practicing her craft as a Reiki Master Healer, she is on the precipice of launching a new branch of her offerings into the realm of Herbal Plant Medicinals as well. She needed a versatile logo that could easily translate and represent each branch of her business; medicinals, yoga/wellness and her training programs.

Not only a logo, but a compete brand identity was needed to help her launch effectively and with consistency from the beginning. She needed a business card design to start promoting herself and what she offers.

Sacred Bee

What We Did

To address Sacred Bee's needs, we focused on the bee as the core symbol. We accentuated and highlighted the beauty, serenity and sacredness of the bee by adding a floral imagery combined with the bee element, speaking to the company's desired persona of a calming and peaceful, nature-based and approachable business.

Using more sacred geometry of the triangle to create a foundation for the elements, representing the grounding aspect Steph wants to convey, with the addition of the circular elements representing the sun.

Nettle leaves help to bring an earthy feel to this logotype. The double nettle leaf bundle speaks to nature element, nourishing and calming feel Sacred Bee wants to provide its clients.

The main business name typography was chosen to accommodate a flowy, whimsical, yet simple feel Steph was after, while the sans serif secondary font complements and balances with a simple, yet elegant addition.

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