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Client Case Study

Sacred Body Wellness

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The Client

Sacred Body Wellness offers specialized yoga and mental wellness services, including stress and pain management, accessible mobility, and strengthening. Our programs are designed for the Specialized Wellness Needs Community, aimed at enhancing overall well-being.

Sacred Body Wellness

What They Needed

Sacred Body Wellness had already created their own website using the WIX platform but it did not adequately represent their brand. They needed to create consistency within their branding (including colors and typography) as well as create a general look and feel that would be warm and inviting to their clients. They needed a website that not only provided information but also allowed them to capture emails, provide a membership platform for users to interact with the Sacred Body Wellness community and a place to advertise their events.

Their initial website design was a template and not tailored to their brand at all. It was also not mobile friendly nor was it optimized for SEO. They also had no idea how to put together their membership program on the platform.

Sacred Body Wellness

What We Did

We created a consisten brand image that is carried through the entire website. brand fonts and colors were chosen to help tie everything together. We polished up the general look and feel and added som animations to create an interesting yet welcoming environment.

Their website is now mobile-friendly and SEO optimized to help cater to their audience and create the inclusive environment they're wanting to provide. They also have a full-operational membership area to invite their new members to participate, share and receive support through their program offerings.

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