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Client Case Study

Scott Moore Yoga

Branding, SEO, Web Design, Website Development, Squarespace Training, Digital Marketing Strategy


The Client

Scott Moore is a celebrated author and established international yoga teacher and trainer who offers both online and in-person classes, trainings and retreats around the world.

Scott Moore Yoga

What They Needed

Scott already had a logo & website but wanted to rebrand with consistency across all platforms and assets. His original logo was unrepresentative and did not adequately reflect him or his business. He lacked consistency and clarity around his brand, service offerings, message and company assets. He also wanted to boost his online sales and event registrations by improving his website’s design, by implementing and improving his SEO and redesigning his digital marketing strategy.

Scott Moore Yoga

What We Did

For his website, we needed to create more consistency with his layout, images, site flow, colour and typography. I also performed an SEO audit and identified some areas for improvement, such as fixing broken links, resizing images and a need to make his site more accessible.

We changed his brand colour to a navy blue and for the logotype, I used Scott’s initials to creatively create the shape of an elephant, which symbolizes wisdom and is a spiritual reference in yoga tradition and philosophy, while the circle represents unity. The typography has been simplified, more consistency has been applied to his images, and the general flow of his website has been improved to better assist his target audience accomplish their goals and boost sales through improved SEO.

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