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Business Growth Accelerator

Helping Wellness Coaches & Practitioners Build Profitable Online Businesses.

(even if you're just starting out!)

The Step by Step Roadmap to

+ boost your visibility, attracting "hell yes!" buyers

+ learn launching, automation & strategy

+ brand consistency so that you’re memorable

+ create structure and systems ready to scale

Learn the Strategy to increase your income to 4+ figures in the next 90 days

Are you ready to revamp your entire service-based business so you spend less time wearing all the marketing hats, and create an additional 4-figures or more in additional income per month – oh and do it all, in the next 90 days?

The Journey

It's time to grow

I have been building businesses and websites for the past 10 years - everything from service-based to product-based businesses (so I have heaps of experience and insight to share with you).

I have created the freedom lifestyle I want through my business so that I can work and live where I want (I’m on my fourth country to call home - France!).

I 7x my own income in just 90 days with the exact systems and strategies I'm going to teach you!


Just Imagine


I dream of this

Experience the fulfillment of feeling successful in your business, knowing that not only are you helping people and having the impact you dream of, but it’s also allowing you the freedom and independence to live life on your terms, and  you're up to scale your business in a way that prioritizes self and family care without sacrificing success!


I'm ready to grow

Stop telling yourself that you’re not “big enough” to worry about branding or a website, or an automation and marketing plan, which is keeping you in “invisible mode” to your ideal clients, thus preventing your growth, and start building the business you’re wanting to grow into.


This one!

Unleash the power of understanding your business inside and out (without needing expensive, overwhelming tech or the need for a VA or an expensive agency to set your systems up and maintain them for you) so you can make money while you play hide-and-seek with your kids instead of all your time being consumed with hours of mindless busywork.

Learn how to create the systems, branding and website that work FOR you, not AGAINST you, so that you can attract more leads, manage your business operations with confidence and spend more time in your zone of genius, working your magic.

Here's what we are avoiding when most wellness coaches & practitioners are trying to build their business online:

Is this you?

You work on a new offer or service really hard... then release it to the sound of crickets.

You spend time and money on a website or expensive designer or agency, only to wonder if your website is even doing much of anything to generate new leads in the first place (how the heck do you even know?!). JUST SAY NO TO THAT STRESS!

Your body and mind hurt from watching all the generic youtube tutorials and free webinars and you're tired of spinning your wheels only to end up feeling overwhelmed and lost, when you'd rather be able to expand your creativity, help more people and make more money so you can keep doing what you love and feel called to full time.

After learning the methods I teach you in this program, you’ll never experience that again.

You'll learn how to...

Build a strong foundation to grow a profitable online business with less stress and confusion and more confidence of an empowered CEO.

See how possible it is to hit 4-figures in your business when you set up your offers, systems and processes and implement them properly.

Learn the strategy behind branding and a website that converts and how to manage your brand and website yourself like a boss.

And create the levels of impact and income that allow you to more relaxed and free to live life on your terms!

Praise & Appreciation

If these people trust me, I must be doing something right ...

Through our meeting she was able sort through all my visions, dreams, and motivations to distill it all down into something tangible, potent and clear. Wow! I recommend Nicole to everyone! I would 100% work with her again in the future. If you’re looking to start a new business or fall back in love with a growing or changing business, hire Nicole!  I can’t say enough good things about her.

Stephanie Rose

Sacred Bee Wellness

Scott Moore

One things that I experienced as immediate results was engagement from visitors on my website.

I now have a logo that represents the services and identity of ETIKA. My website is easy to navigate, my branding is professional, my services are well structured and the entire website is targeted to speak to my ideal clients. I really liked how engaged Nicole was. I felt supported the whole way also after my website launch. I would recommend Nicole and her expertise.

Federica Suess

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Nice to meet you!


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Let me be your guide! I've done all the heavy lifting for you! I've been where you are, confused, overwhelmed and wishing I knew exactly how to be the business woman I knew I needed to be in order to make my health and wellness practice work.


It was hard work and took me many hours of research and frustration and tens of thousands of dollars invested (gosh, at least $70,000 worth of business coaching and schooling alone over the past 10 years.... probably more!).

And after everything I've learned, I can say, you need just 3 main things, the rest is just extra sauce.

  1. An Offer

  2. An Audience

  3. A way for them to pay you.

I'm a Business Coach and Consultant ready to help you achieve the freedom, flexibility and fulfillment a structured coaching or consulting business can bring.

It can be incredibly overwhelming, confusing, and downright dodgy to start, maintain, and grow an online business.

Which software to choose? Which apps? Which website platform? Course? Coach? Download? 


Imagine ...
  • knowing exactly what to do to help your business thrive so you can focus more on your craft and doing the things you love.

  • having systems in place that streamline your processes, meaning you do less admin work and more time in service.

  • feeling like an empowered business owner who knows how to grow and scale their business in a professional and sustainable way.

It wasn’t always that way, though.

It was when I was a flight attendant, the pay was good but I was working long hours, on someone else's schedule and feeling like I was meant for more. So I did my yoga teacher training, got a diploma in holistic nutrition and over the course of a few years, trained in Usui Reiki and apprenticeship program.


I started my holistic wellness practice and had no business plan or marketing strategy. It was a time and money pit, but I was making a reliable living.

  • I built a community of wellness-seeking women who irregularly attended my yoga classes, wellness workshops and would continually flake on our 1:1 sessions and their "healing homework".

  • I was super consistent, creating 6 or 7 different offers that didn’t translate into much money or sales - I was confusing my clients with so many choices.

  • I always had "enough" clients but I was hustling hard 6-7 days every week, I was working long hours and felt like I could never take a holiday because I would then loose out on income and the momentum I was creating.

  • I was stuck with endless ideas, but too much “comparisonitis” and overwhelm, so I never brought them to life, capping my income.

  • I built and rebuilt my website about 7 times, following youtube video after youtube video on how to "make my website better" for it to NEVER generate me a single dollar.

  • I had no branding, no consistency, no strategy no plan and constantly felt like I was guessing all the time and throwing things out there to see what would stick.

  •  I was doing in-person sessions and couldn't figure out how to move my business online; I felt like I was loosing out on opportunities.

  • I spent over $10,000 on business coaching in my first year in business, only to have nothing concrete to show for it - no content or marketing strategy, no website, no coaching program, no sales strategy. 


When I finally figured out that my real issues were a lack of clarity about my skills and talents (and thus what I was offering and to whom), not understanding how to optimize and leverage my website to make money, and honestly, a lack of business and marketing strategy, everything changed.


I decided to monetize my knowledge and connections into a coaching program and a structure consulting practice, learned how to make brands and websites that stand out and convert, studied and implemented actual profitable business strategies, and ultimately, I embraced building my business full-time and created a full time income, and I'm on my way to 6-figures.


This is why, when coaches say “be consistent” or “get authority” or “create multiple offers” – you can TRULY be doing all the *right* things you’ve been taught to do…. but implementing them in a way where you get no results. I'm here to help you stop riding that hamster wheel.

Business Growth Accelerator Coaching Program

Customized One-on-One Coaching, designed to take you from confused business owner to confident CEO in just 9 weeks...

We’re going to cover:


We'll create (or polish up) your authentic brand identity and create consistency across all touchpoints, boosting visibility & fostering trust and loyalty among your ideal clients.​

Marketing and Visibility:

You'll learn strategies for branding, optimization and digital marketing to elevate your online visibility, attract more leads and convert them into loyal customers.

Build Your Optimized Website:

You'll not only walk away with a professionally designed and optimized website, but you'll also learn exactly how to use the platform to manage your website  yourself going forward.

Digital Tools Training:

Empower you to manage your digital tools with confidence & connect with your audience authentically, fostering lasting relationships and brand advocates.



Become the MASTER of “getting it done” in the best, most time and cost efficient way. You’ll get suggestions that are affordable and easy to use.



Yes, You CAN. I am a psychology major, have over a decade worth of mindfulness teaching experience and am a certified Reiki Master, ThetaHealer, Yoga & Meditation Teacher. So we'll work through the mind blocks and limiting beliefs that come up when you uplevel your business and life. It’s all a story- and I’ll give you the tools to re-write it.

Let me guess... does some of this sound like you?

  • You hired a business coach already…  and you didn’t end up any further along in your business or sales goals than when you started, or you just got even MORE confused.

  • You have a website or you're trying to build one and you have no idea how to use the platform so you're stuck in limbo or paying an expensive retainer fee for someone else to manage it (are they even good?).


  • You’ve downloaded 50+ freebies about “automation”, “funnels”, "business building" and watch hours of "how-to build a website" videos but you still aren't seeing consistent client months.


  • You know you “should” be doing all the business-related things, but you sometimes self-sabotage and never stay consistent because you “don’t have time,” “can’t afford it,” “can’t figure it out”- or whatever else you tell yourself


  • You’ve been in business for a bit, but while you’re doing “all the things,” nothing seems to be “working.”

This is for you if:

  • ​You are ready to go ALL-IN to create the abundant, purpose-driven business of your dreams.

  • You are ready to change what needs to be changed within yourself and your business model, your beliefs, and the comfortable environment you’ve allowed yourself to stay in so that you can let go of what’s getting in your way from your dream empire.


  • You feel stuck at the same income level, offering the same services (you maybe even have have so many offers), not sure how to monetize your other skills, and you know you COULD be making more money if you just understood how to diversify yourself.

This is NOT for you if:

  • You want to continue to resist messages + suggestions about things you need to change in your business model.


  • You enjoy whining or complaining about how she, he, or it “gets in your way” (money, time, fear, your partner, kids, friends, family....etc.).


  • You can’t hold yourself accountable for doing the work.

Let's Get Started!

I'll help you do it all!

YOUR 9-week Program -and empowerment- starts today!

Schedule your FREE Clarity Call to see if we're the right fit!



  • Templates, Cheat Sheets, workbooks & Integration Exercises

  • Weekly 1-hr 1:1 Sessions & Recordings

  • Brand design/refresh

  • Whatsapp office hours 

  • Lifetime access to custom training videos

  • Full website build

PLUS PIF BONUSES($1200 value)

  • An additional 1:1 Coaching Breakthrough Session

  • Breathwork Breakthrough Session

  • Human Design Business Reading

  • How does it work?
    Business Growth Accelerator is a 9-week business coaching program to master building a thriving wellness coaching business. Start any time you like! I'm ready and waiting for you :) We'll move through my signature 4 Pillars Discovery: We’ll dig deep into your business, highlight where you’re at now, uncover what’s working and what’s not, and identify key areas and gaps that can be improved so that you’re crystal clear on where we need to focus Design: We’ll create a clear roadmap for you and your business so we know exactly what you need right now in order to create a rock solid foundation for you to build your business from, so that you have a clear blueprint to follow to get you where you want to go. Develop: We’ll create powerful structures and put systems into place, so that you can stand in unshakable confidence that you can grow your business reliably and sustainably. Deploy: We’ll make sure you’re set up for a successful launch/relaunch and feel empowered to manage your business systems we set in place, so that you have rock solid confidence on how to maintain momentum in your growth. Bonus Modules: SEO Basics Bootcamp training Wix/Squarespace platform training Keyword research basics How to create a content calendar How to set up to receive payments Business models Canva tutorials Guides, templates, cheat sheets, and workbooks Integration exercises
  • How long is the program?
    We will work together for a total of 9 weeks (starting from our kick off call).
  • What happens after I pay?
    It will take about 1 business day to complete the onboarding process where you'll get access to our platform and receive the welcome pack. From there, we'll also set up our kick off call for the next 24-48 hours so we can get the ball rolling.
  • How long do I get access to the content?
    You have access to the content and the Business Growth Accelerator Google Drive and it's updates as long as I host it.
  • Are there any extra fees?
    Yes, but not for me. :) Clients are responsible for any additional fees associated with setting up a professional account on either Wix or Squarespace, for acquiring a business email, for purchasing a domain name, and for acquiring legal policy pages content.
  • Do you offer refunds?
    Due to the nature of digital platforms, it is not possible to offer refunds or returns.
  • Do you have a guarantee?
    Yes! We will work together until your website is launched and published.

Still More Questions?

Let's Get On A Call To Chat!

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